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Class Action Lawsuit Attorney in Roanoke, Virginia

When you suffer injuries due to a defective product or you are otherwise wronged by the actions of another, you may be entitled to compensation through a lawsuit seeking damages, filed by an attorney on your behalf against the at-fault party. When you are one of a group of people who have been wronged by the same company, group, or individual, or if you suffered the harm that is similar to others due to the same product defect, a class action lawsuit may be your most effective means of bringing your case to court. Contact our class action lawsuit lawyer in Roanoke today.

Roanoke Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers

At Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, our Roanoke class action lawyers stand up for the rights of those who have been harmed due to the negligent or reckless actions of others, helping them seek the justice they deserve through class action lawsuits.

Class action claims are among the most complex types of litigation, usually involving large companies, highly contested issues, and plaintiffs from multiple states. In these situations, our attorneys provide the professional, personalized legal representation you need to promote your interests when filing a claim. We are ready to put our experience and resources to work to seek the maximum amount you may be entitled to in a class action settlement.  

With almost a century of combined legal experience, the Roanoke class action lawsuit attorneys at Lichtenstein Law Group PLC are highly skilled litigators who have the resources and the chutzpa necessary to stand up to deep-pocketed corporations in the courtroom. As a recognized leader in product liability litigation, firm founder John Lichtenstein has been chosen as President of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, as well as the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, strictly invitation-only organizations of the top one percent of trial lawyers in the United States and Canada.

If you need to pursue compensation through a class action lawsuit, you will need an aggressive and experienced Virginia trial lawyer to handle the complexities that come with this type of case. Contact our skilled Roanoke class action trial lawyer at Lichtenstein Law Group PLC now to schedule a free consultation.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit in RoanokeClass action lawsuits, which are sometimes referred to as mass tort litigation cases if they result in serious personal injuries, involve multiple people who file a lawsuit based on the wrongs done to them by another party. Class action claims must follow guidelines listed under Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. These cases may be heard either in district or federal court, depending on whether the class action involves people from multiple states, and if the claim amount requested is valued at $5 million or more.

To initiate a class action claim, Rule 23 requires the case to meet four qualifications. These include:

  1. Numerosity, which means that there are so many people involved in the claim that it does not make sense to file individual lawsuits on each person’s behalf.
  2. Commonality, which means there must be a common question of law or fact that applies to all of the parties involved, such as the same grounds of discrimination or facing the same actions that were the result of a violation of a particular state or federal law.
  3. Totality, which means that the claims and the types of damages each individual party is seeking must be similar to those sought by the other members of the class as a whole.
  4. Representation, which requires that a representative party be named. This is generally an individual or group of plaintiffs in the case who will act to assert and protect the interests of the class.

Provided the class action meets the above court requirements, the judge will certify the case as a class action lawsuit. This includes defining the class itself, which are those people affected by the case. A class action lawyer or law firm will be appointed to act as class counsel, and will be charged with providing public notice to other potential class members through radio, television, or newspaper advertisements.

Under Rule 23, if you are part of the designated class of people affected, you are automatically a part of the class action lawsuit and entitled to any damages awarded by the court. You do have the option of opting out of the class action if you prefer to pursue individual legal action. This does not apply in mass tort litigation cases involving personal injuries, where you will be required to “opt in.” In either case and before making any type of decision regarding participation in a legal claim, it is important to speak with a class action lawyer familiar with your case so that you are aware of the possible ramifications

What are the Types of Class Action Lawsuits?

Our Roanoke class action lawyer working on papersClass actions, which often join thousands of potential litigants together for a common goal, provide a valuable tool in obtaining justice.

Class action lawsuits increase the efficiency of the legal process in obtaining justice for those impacted, while showing large companies and product manufacturers that they can be held accountable when their policies violate the rights of individuals and their products cause harm to consumers. Some of the common types of class action claims include the following:

  • Employment Class Action Claims: These involve disputes over discriminatory hiring and pay practices based on age, race, gender, or nationality, wage and hour disputes, violations of state and federal codes, hostile workplace environments, and more. Examples include class action lawsuits filed due to unpaid overtime and illegal background checks.
  • Financial and Corporate Class Action Claims: These involve discriminatory lending practices on the part of banks, false advertising on prices and interest rates, sharing of privately held consumer information, and collection practices that violate state and federal consumer protection laws. Examples include class action claims over inflated overdraft fees, and fraudulent life insurance policies.
  • Environmental Class Action Claims: These involve issues concerning violations of environmental protection and consumer agency standards, such as using contaminated products or processes that result in polluted water supplies. Examples include class action lawsuits concerning the use of herbicides and illegal asbestos disposal.
  • Product Liability Class Action Claims: These often include claims concerning faulty or defective parts and inadequate safety warnings, and can affect a wide variety of different types of products. Examples include class action lawsuits against car manufacturers, building construction supply companies, and manufacturers of tools or electronics.
  • Medical-Related Class Action Claims: These typically involve dangerous drugs and defective medical devices, surgical supplies, or hospital equipment that results in injury to patients. Examples include non-disclosure of drug side effects or potential interactions and implanted devices that are known to malfunction.

If you have suffered financial impacts or injuries as the result of any of the above actions or other similar situations, contact the Lichtenstein Law Group PLC right away to discuss your case with an experienced Roanoke class action lawyer.

How Can a Roanoke Class Action Lawyer Help Me?

At the Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, we understand how victims suffer extensive physical, emotional, and financial harm in class action cases. Depending on the circumstances, the type of class action claim, and any negative impacts you suffered, you may be entitled to the significant damages.

However, class action cases are extremely complex. That’s why you need an experienced class action attorney to help you seek the compensation you deserve. Our firm will begin with an intensive evaluation of the case to assess tactics and strategies and determine the best route of attack. Our approach usually includes:

  • Identifying all the parties that may be held responsible for your loss in a class action lawsuit.
  • Determining exactly what type of negligence led to the injury.
  • Collecting and analyzing every bit of evidence about the case.
  • Hiring expert witnesses to strengthen your case.
  • Relentlessly pursuing your case with the vast amount of resources at our disposal.

There is an immense amount of work that goes into preparing a class action lawsuit, and our trial attorneys are devoted to aggressively pursuing maximum compensation for the losses you have suffered.

Although our ultimate goal is a successful jury verdict, there are instances where we have developed such a strong case that the at-fault parties offer a full and fair settlement in order to avoid having to defend the case at trial.

Whether your compensation comes through a jury verdict or a well-negotiated settlement, our goal is your and your family’s protection and satisfaction in the result of your case.

Our class action lawyer talks with clients in RoanokeIn some class action lawsuits, the court may wish to punish the guilty party for conduct, actions, or policies that were particularly reckless or negligent. Punitive damage awards may be ordered in these types of cases, which is a dollar amount over and above any other compensation you are entitled to receive. These can be significant amounts, as they are based on the company’s overall worth and profits.

Our class action lawyers in Roanoke can review your case and calculate the overall amount you could be awarded as part of a class action settlement. We conduct our own investigations, uncovering evidence of wrongdoing, and obtain statements from witnesses and others involved. This evidence is then presented to the court. In some cases, we may be able to reach a settlement prior to going to court, while in others it may be necessary to go to trial to get you and other litigants the compensation you deserve.

Contact Us Today for Professional Assistance with Your Roanoke Class Action Case

If you have been the victim of discrimination or illegal and misleading practices on the part of companies or manufacturers, contact the Lichtenstein Law Group PLC today. We will not hesitate to refuse an offer that is less than what you deserve or are entitled to. As experienced Virginia trial attorneys, we have a proven reputation for taking on only the toughest cases, and we are confident in our ability to aggressively pursue the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to in court.

If your situation involves personal injuries you suffered after spending your hard-earned money on a faulty or defective product, our experienced Roanoke personal injury attorneys at Lichtenstein Law Group PLC are here to help. For all your legal needs and when problems arise that threaten your health or financial security, you can trust that one call to our office is all it takes to get our team hard at work on your case. Call or contact the Lichtenstein Law Group PLC online and request your free consultation today.