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Roanoke Financial Crimes Attorney

Many acts committed by or against individuals, companies, and organizations fall under the umbrella of “financial crimes.” The term refers to any form of deceiving, concealing or violating the trust of others which results in financial harm to them. These are also commonly called “white-collar crimes.” Contact our Roanoke financial crime lawyer today.

Many different forms of fraud – from writing counterfeit checks to tax evasion – can be considered financial crimes. Insider trading, embezzlement, and racketeering are other examples.

If you, your company or your organization is found guilty of a financial crime, the consequences can be devastating. The penalties could include imprisonment, probation, fines, and restitution. Your professional and personal reputation may also be permanently tarnished. For these reasons, it is imperative to get help from an experienced and dedicated Virginia financial crimes defense lawyer.

Roanoke Financial Crimes & White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Lichtenstein Law Group PLC can provide the sophisticated, knowledgeable and hard-working legal representation you need during this difficult time. We have a history of taking on high-profile, difficult cases. We will protect your rights at every stage of your case and aggressively pursue the best resolution for you.

Our founding attorney, John E. Lichtenstein, has nearly three decades of criminal defense experience and has been inducted as a Fellow of the invitation-only American Board of Trial Lawyers. He is ready to put his skill and experience to work for you.

If you are facing the charge of financial crime in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Richmond, Norfolk or elsewhere in Virginia, contact us without delay. We can provide an immediate, confidential consultation.

Types of Financial Crime Cases Our Lawyers Handle in Roanoke

Lichtenstein Law Group PLC can take on serious cases involving financial crimes. Our understanding of the medical, financial, insurance and other sectors, along with our grasp of many different areas of the law that may come into play in your case – securities, tax, environmental, intellectual property and cyber law, to name a few – can make a major difference in your defense. We can assist if you have been charged with:

  • Fraud – You may have been charged with fraud involving corporate practices, medical billing, banking or mortgage transactions or securities and commodities, for example.
  • Insider trading – A very specific form of fraud that a person may be charged with involves using confidential or “insider” information to manipulate financial markets.
  • Theft or embezzlement – Many alleged financial crimes involve the taking of funds or other property, including trade secrets, through deceit or a violation of trust.
  • Money laundering – A person charged with criminal activity may also face the related charge of trying to mask the proceeds of that activity.
  • Racketeering – The RICO Act provides a list of activities that can lead to criminal charges and a seizure of assets.
  • Computer crimes – If technology is used to carry out an alleged financial crime, different aspects of cyber law may apply in your case.
  • Environmental crimes – A company or organization may be charged with unlawfully “dumping” waste or other pollutants.
  • Bribery and public corruption – Those in the corporate or political arenas may be subjected to prosecution for attempting to gain favor by offering money or other inducements.

No matter what financial crime you have been accused of committing, we believe that you have the right to have a compassionate, zealous advocate by your side to defend you.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Virginia Lawyer for Your Financial Crime Defense?VA financial crimes law book

Financial crimes may be prosecuted in the Virginia state courts system. However, more often than not, they are pursued in the federal courts.

Because we regularly represent clients in the federal court system, the criminal defense attorneys of Lichtenstein Law Group PLC are comfortable with the rules and procedures that must be followed. We also have the resources to go against the U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, SEC, DEA, EPA, and other agencies on your behalf. We will fight hard and fight fair for you.

At Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, you can trust our financial crimes defense lawyers to:

  • Protect your rights from the outset – If you are questioned by police or asked to testify before a grand jury, or if you are arrested and seeking release on a bond, our attorneys can be by your side.
  • Seek discovery of all evidence against you – As a defendant, you have the right to review all evidence the state or federal prosecutors have arrayed against you. We can access that evidence and conduct an investigation of our own.
  • Challenge the prosecution’s evidence – If any evidence has been obtained in violation of your rights or if an argument can be made for dismissal of the charges against you, we can file the proper pretrial motions and advocate for you in hearings.
  • Devise a careful, effective defense strategy – We can comb through the evidence, conduct legal research and use our professional judgment – developed through many years of handling financial crimes cases – to advise you on the best defense strategy to pursue in your case.
  • Seek a reasonable plea agreement – We can review any plea offers from state or federal prosecutors and, with your consent, negotiate the terms of any agreement before you accept it.
  • Defend you at trial – We are highly trained and skilled criminal defense attorneys. We truly care about our clients and their right to be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. That passion can be seen in our vigorous representation of our clients in court.
  • Assist with related matters – A financial crimes charge may involve a court order to pay restitution or a civil judgment. We can aggressively defend against any financial claims against you.
  • Take your case to a higher court – Beyond the trial level, we can represent you in appeals in Virginia’s appellate courts or in the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

How Can You Get Help from Our Roanoke Financial Crimes Defense Lawyers Today?

We know how heavily a financial crimes charge can weigh on your mind. You can rest assured that we will work hard and work smart on your defense, giving you our full and undivided attention.

With almost 100 years of combined legal experience, our master litigators are confident in our ability to protect your rights and your liberty.

If you are charged with financial crime in Virginia, your first phone call should be to Lichtenstein Law Group PLC. We serve clients in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Richmond, Norfolk and throughout Virginia. Contact us for a confidential consultation. We can act right away to protect your rights and your liberty.