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Common Roanoke Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can cause devastating, life-changing injuries. Many victims need significant – and costly – medical treatment, including multiple surgeries, assistive devices, medication and rehabilitation. Due to the nature and extent of their injuries, some victims may be unable to return to the type of work which they did before the accident – or return to work at all. They may suffer tremendous physical and emotional pain for months or even years after the crash.

When people are coping with these types of catastrophic car accident injuries, they are at their most vulnerable. That’s why our aggressive trial lawyers at Lichtenstein Law Group PLC stay by their side, fighting fiercely against insurance companies and others who may try to deny responsibility or place blame on the victim. We know what it takes to pursue the compensation that our clients deserve.

Here, we discuss the most common injuries that occur in car accidents in Roanoke, Charlottesville and other areas of Virginia. To discuss the specific injuries that you have suffered in an auto accident and the effect on your life, contact us today. We will review your case in a timely and free consultation.

How Do Car Accident Injuries Happen in Roanoke?

Many different factors contribute to the nature and severity of the injuries that people suffer in auto accidents in Virginia. Those factors include:

  • Types of vehicles – A crash involving a tractor-trailer, for instance, may lead to much greater damage than one involving two passenger vehicles. Due to the lack of structural protection, pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclist can suffer tremendous harm in a collision with a motor vehicle.
  • Type of impact – Was it a head-on crash or a rear-end collision? Did one car “T-bone” another car, or was it sideswipe accident?
  • Speed of the vehicles – A high-speed crash on an interstate typically will result in more severe injuries than one that occurs at a slower speed on a city street.
  • Whether safety features operated properly – Did a seat belt fail to function? Did an air bag explode and send metal fragments flying through the car?
  • The victim’s condition – A young and healthy person may be able to recover from the injuries in a crash at a faster rate than an older or less healthy individual.

No two crashes or crash victims are the same. At Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, we will focus on the specific facts and circumstances of your case. We know how auto accidents affect people’s lives in different ways. When we take on your case, we will pursue compensation that addresses the unique impact on your health, your ability to work and earn income and, ultimately, your enjoyment of life.

What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Roanoke?

Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined legal experience. We have assisted car accident victims throughout Virginia with a wide range of injuries. Some of the most common injuries that we see are:

  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Burn injuriesDoctors examining a patient's x-ray.Doctors examining a patient's x-ray.
  • Fractures
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Whiplash

Most victims quickly become aware of the limitations that severe injuries and long-term disabilities will create in their daily life. However, insurance companies routinely undervalue the extent of harm that victims have suffered. You do not have to accept a settlement from an insurer that does not provide for all of your past, present and future needs.

Whatever your injuries may be, you will need an attorney on your side who will spend the time to understand your injuries and the impact on your life. For instance, at Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, we will gather and carefully examine your medical records. We also frequently consult with highly knowledgeable medical professionals about the nature and extent of our clients’ injuries and the type of care that they will need as they move forward with their lives.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Car Accident Injuries?

In Virginia, each driver is responsible for his or her own actions. However, in some cases, another party may responsible as well for the injuries which a car accident victim has suffered. Our role at Lichtenstein Law Group PLC will be to thoroughly investigate your car accident and identify every party who should be held accountable, which could include:

  • The driver of another vehicleCar and bicycle accident happening along the road.Car and bicycle accident happening along the road.
  • The driver of the vehicle you were in
  • A negligent driver’s employer
  • A mechanic who poorly inspected and repaired a vehicle
  • The manufacturer of a defective auto or auto part
  • A government agency that negligently designed or maintained a roadway

What Should You Do If You Are Injured in a Roanoke Car Accident?

After a car accident in Roanoke, Charlottesville or elsewhere in Virginia, you should take the following steps to keep yourself safe and to protect your right to pursue full and fair compensation for your losses:

  • Call 911 immediately. Never let someone convince you to allow them to leave the scene before police arrive. The police need to document the crash and secure the scene. They also can help keep traffic flowing, making everyone safer.
  • Get emergency medical attention. Don’t delay seeking medical care. Go to the hospital as soon as possible. If you are in pain or have obvious injuries, take the ambulance and worry about your car later on. Insurance companies often try to use delays in getting medical attention to argue that a victim was not injured or did not suffer injuries that were as serious as the victim claims.
  • Don’t talk to insurance companies. Claims reps and adjusters may sound like friendly customer service representatives. Do not be misled. If an insurance company representative calls, you can be assured that he or she is looking for statements or other information to try to use against you.
  • Call an attorney as soon as possible. You will protect your rights and alleviate your stress by getting legal help as early as you can after an auto accident.

Get Help from Our Roanoke Car Accident Injury Attorneys Today

Our experienced Virginia personal injury attorneys at Lichtenstein Law Group PLC can start an immediate investigation of your car accident, spare you the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and, ultimately, pursue all compensation you deserve. Whether at trial or during settlement negotiations, our attorneys know that a meticulously prepared case can make all of the difference. To learn more in a free and confidential consultation, call our Roanoke office today.