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Vision Loss Injury Attorney in Roanoke, VA

Woman taking her eyeglasses losing her vision.Woman taking her eyeglasses losing her vision.Vision loss of any kind can drastically change a person’s life. Whether the loss is total or even partial, it can prevent a person from driving, working and enjoying the type of life that they knew before. Unfortunately, people in Virginia often suffer this catastrophic injury in accidents which others cause with their careless and reckless actions.

At Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, our highly skilled personal injury lawyers know what it takes to pursue just compensation for our clients. If you suffered vision loss due to someone else’s wrongdoing, we can put nearly 100 years of combined litigation experience on your side. To learn more, call or reach us online today and receive a free review of your case.

What Is Considered Vision Loss?

Any time a person cannot see objects, words or images properly, it is considered “vision loss.” Contact lenses or eyeglasses may only partially help people with vision loss. When a person has 20/200 vision or less in their better eye even when using these corrective lenses, or when the widest diameter of the person’s visual field in their better eye subtends an angle of 20 degrees or less, then they are considered to be legally blind. This holds true even if the person can still detect shapes, color and movement. Of course, total blindness means that a person cannot see anything at all, including light.

What Are Common Causes of Vision Loss?

If someone suffers trauma to the eyes or face, it can result in partial or total vision loss. Fires and explosions can also cause vision loss. The light which these events produce can be too great for the ocular system to handle. However, trauma to the eyes and face is not the only cause of vision loss. Injury or damage to the brain – such as an object penetrating the skull and piercing the brain – can also cause vision loss.

Woman driver had accident airbag pop out.Woman driver had accident airbag pop out.Many people suffer vision loss in car accidents. For instance, an airbag may activate and crush a person’s face, or chemicals from the airbag may irritate the person’s eyes to the point that it causes vision loss. Car crashes can also cause sharp objects such as glass to cause a traumatic brain injury, which in turn leads to vision loss.

Medical malpractice can also result in vision loss. For example, a surgeon may make a mistake when performing brain surgery on a patient. A doctor may also fail to timely and properly diagnose a condition such as glaucoma.

Many other events can lead to vision loss, including dog bites and other types of animal attacks, workplace accidents and criminal assaults. Individuals may also suffer vision loss from their use of dangerous and defective products.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Vision Loss Injuries?

Any time a person acts negligently and causes another person to suffer vision loss, that person can be held liable for paying compensation for the economic and non-economic damages which they have caused. Negligence means to act carelessly or recklessly. A person can also be held liable if they do something intentionally which results in another person’s loss of vision.

For example, a doctor that fails to meet a certain standard of care in the treatment of a patient may be held liable, or a motorist that texts while driving. Manufacturers of defective products, property owners that fail to keep their property in a safe condition, and third parties that cause workplace accidents may all be held liable for vision loss.

However, if you are even slightly at fault for your own vision loss, you may be barred from recovering any damages. This is because Virginia follows the legal doctrine of contributory negligence. Under this doctrine, one person could be 99 percent responsible for causing your vision loss. However, if you were even one percent at fault, you may be unable to recover anything for your losses.

What Types of Compensation Can You Recover for Vision Loss?

Two main types of compensation are available in personal injury claims in Virginia, including cases involving vision loss. Those types of compensation are:

  • Economic damages – These damages typically make up the bulk of a personal injury claim. They include medical expenses, including eye exams, surgery or corrective lenses. They also include lost income, home renovations to accommodate the injury and all other injury-related out-of-pocket costs.
  • Non-economic damages – These damages can often be difficult to calculate. Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and emotional distress are all common types of non-economic damages.

In some cases, a victim may also be eligible to seek punitive damages. These damages are intended to punish the negligent party and not compensate the victim for any specific loss. Virginia allows these damages only in cases in which the defendant acted with willful and wanton negligence or conduct which greatly exceeds simple negligence.

How Can a Lawyer Help with Your Vision Loss Case?

Client consulting his lawyer for vision loss injury case.Client consulting his lawyer for vision loss injury case.A lawyer can greatly help with a vision loss case when another person’s negligence caused the injury. Contributory negligence is the biggest threat to plaintiffs in accident cases in Virginia. An insurance company will likely raise this argument in an attempt to avoid paying compensation. When you work with Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, we will aggressively challenge those efforts and pursue all compensation that you are due.

We will also thoroughly investigate the accident scene and collect evidence, compile medical records and gather other evidence in order to establish liability and the amount of compensation which you may be due. We meticulously prepare cases for trial. As a result, we can negotiate from a position of strength when we seek settlements on behalf of our clients.

Get Help from Our Vision Loss Attorneys in Roanoke Today

If you have been in an accident that resulted in vision loss, you should not try to take on the insurance companies on your own. At Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, our Virginia vision loss injury lawyers can help you. We are trial lawyers that have extensive experience with investigating accident claims, holding insurance companies accountable for paying fair compensation and taking them to court when they refuse to do so. We will work hard to give you the best chance of success with your claim. Contact us now to discuss your case.